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The character resembles me, when without a beard, so much. 😮

I've been working on it quite a bit, now I have a first character editor where it will be possible to create any style of face, body and other things rsrsr...

I also want to give you the option to play against whatever gender you breed

And add to the possibility of editing all the dealers of the game

I'm looking forward to adding some story mode that could be interactive to the project, I prototyped a mansion to walk around and play against many characters 

Thanks for the feedback


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All possibilities to create aliens, elves, trolls, monsters, robots, girls, boys... so many modification possibilities that the player can create anything that comes to mind.

Seriously it's asking for login, I'll add another form of download.

Do I really have to create an account on TeraBox to download this !?! :(


Those screenshots are certainly showcasing some impressive graphics. Although it looks to be more of the 'casino-style strip blackjack', in its about earning enough cash to just buy clothing, rather then playing strip blackjack for the clothes on both sides...


Very cool, thanks for the comment,

At the moment I'm still on the first version of the project.

The long-term idea is to add a multiplayer mode where players can play by betting virtual money and taking off each other's clothes or in groups with other players, but it's still a little early for that, but that kind of gameplay is in the plan.

Ah I see, interesting idea to add a multiplayer. A nice way to be able to show off the sort of character(s) one would make.

The best blackjack game I've ever played, the character is super realistic, I'll be following the project, keep up the good work.

Thank you very much, this motivates me to continue, I appreciate your comment.